thecaveofsheets: "Imagine you doing that pose the one where the girls jumping in the air just imagine you trying to do that I'm laughing"

omfg. MY BEST FRIEND IS A HORRIBLE BITCH. u r talking about this picture ya? 

We’re doing it the next time we’re both home. we both are trying the picture

Hello Boston (x) (x)


LMAO: Let Me Ask Obama



last and probably most successful photo of New York

how you do that


pro tip: even if u think its a good idea to watch scary movies while home alone it’s not

Title: Supernova Girl
Artist: Proto Zoa
Played: 200911 times


#1 party track

“Sometimes I feel like I’m not solid. I’m hollow. There’s nothing behind my eyes. I’m a negative of a person. All I want is blackness, blackness and silence.” —

Sylvia Plath 

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